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The carbon Willet...Thirty years of designing and developing the finest shallow water craft has led to the simplest yet most advanced skiff NewWater boats has thus far produced. She is quiet as a whisper and poles like a feather, and is a finely crafted minimal design skiff developed for the angler who appreciates a simple rig that must be easily propelled, run ultra-shallow, and able to go where water once was. The carbon Willet is for the individual that refuses to be penalized by unnecessary built-in tanks, livewells, liners, and systems.

Every square inch of the design was scrutinized to save weight. Structural elements were prescribed by one of the industry’s most sought after professionals with many years experience engineering top grand prix yachts from The America's Cup to Maxi 72 and TP52 champions. With the length of a flats boat and the weight of a much smaller micro skiff, the Willet excels in ride quality, range, load-carrying and shallow draft performance. No marketing hype, just impeccable detail and extreme performance!


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