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Testimonials from NewWater Owners

Dear Tim,

I have been very pleased with the Willet since I took delivery of it a couple of years ago.  I have run the boat all around the Texas bays and some in Western Louisiana.  I currently have her in Port O'Conner and am mainly fishing the Seadrift and SA bay areas.  I have taken her to some other worldly shallow spots and the performance is top notch.  Everyone that rides on the boat with me ends up wanting one!  Thank you for supporting such a well engineered product.

Kind Regards,

Dear Tim,

I’ve owned three sailboats and, now, four flats boats. I can sail, but I’m no expert. I can handle a flats boat, but again, I’m no expert. Ah, but your Curlew makes me look good. Having started as a sailor, particularly as a sailor in the Lower Laguna Madre, water depth has always been at the top of my worry list. 
Moving to flats boats, I’ve never been able to stop worrying about water depth. Blame the sailor in me: keels and all that. Worrying about water depth served me well with my Redfin, my no name and my Haynie. With the Haynie, it was more about my hole shot depth than my running depth.
With the Curlew it’s pretty much if I can float, I can get up. This boat floats in a published five inches and I believe it: five or less. Five inches scares me to death… remember “sailor”? Five inches is ankle depth. 

My Curlew will get up in seven inches… or less. Put simply, it will get up in stupid skinny and that’s with a less than stellar captain at the helm. It’s just an amazing shallow water boat!
My son in law, with over 5000 hours of shallow water boating, tells me it’s his dream boat. I know he pushes it harder (and shallower) than I usually do, but he hasn’t stuck it. Nor have I. 

I can get up in water that other boats barely float in (and float in water that they can’t get to). The other day I was fishing with a friend who thought we were in too shallow water and wanted to move. I told him to sit down. He said we needed to push-pole out. I told him to sit down. He sat. We were up and out. He was shocked. Running out of Payton Bay he warned me, repeatedly, of a sand bar. Exiting Payton Bay I asked him “what sand bar?” He was still shocked. He told me his boat would never have gotten up and had it gotten up would never have made it across the bar. Well, he doesn’t run a Curlew, does he?

The more I play with this boat, the more I think you’ve designed and built the perfect shallow water boat. So please, please quit building them. If you stop building them, then when I get to old to use one, I will be able to retire on what I sell it for. I’m begging you, please stop building Curlews.

So you know, my Curlew is coming up on twenty years old. It’s doing fine. So, again, quit building them. Damn it! Help me out here.

Pat L.

Dear Tim,

I have owned 14 boats in my adult life. Yes, I have a problem, LOL. I've owned Shallow Sports, Majeks, Simmons Custom Boats (SCB) and Eric Simmons Custom Boats (ESCB)
. This Ibis is just amazing! It is truly the best boat I have owned. The boat is perfect for my fishing style, and I'm excited every time I take it out. Low tide is no longer an issue for me.  Thanks again Tim!

Sonny Hinojosa

Dear Tim,

I have been a charter captain for 36 years and have run an Ibis for the past 2 years.  My appreciation for the engineering in this boat runs deep and I am still amazed every day I am on the water.  My catches have increased dramatically on Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and in many other areas of SW Florida.  The ability of this boat to run shallow and also allow me and my customers to run across large expanses of open water always brings compliments.  

As a fishing boat it is more stable than my large Boca style 24' boat and I must say after running countless bass boats, saltwater skiffs and bay boats there is no other boat to compare to your Ibis.  It cleans up like no other with the special "awe grip" surface, the hole shot is crazy and running in 6 inches of water and feeling safe to boot is amazing.

Thanks for the great boat and the great service I have experienced.  For anyone reading this please know that I am not sponsored with NewWater Boats in any way, just one happy customer!

All the best,
Capt. Chuck Eichner

Hello Tim,

I fish 80 - 100 days a year and already own your awesome Ibis.  I have 40 hours on my new Willet and it performs better than I ever imagined—it is the finest skiff I have ever used.  Ultralight but incredibly stable even for a big guy like me.  I even fish from it by sitting on the side as I did with a kayak.  

You should be very proud of the Willet. 


Tim and Leslie,

As you know it has been my privilege to guide out of a Stilt for many years. Last year I took possession of the first Willet out of the mold. After a year of guiding out of this innovative skiff (in addition to my Stilt) I want to give you a hearty testimonial. 

Last week my client caught redfish off of the Willet in a spot where no other skiff on the market is able to float. I watched a couple of other guides try on that day. One of the guides was in the water walking his skiff off the flat for 20 minutes. I love the Willet! Interestingly, the distant photos below were taken off the skiff of another guide on that day who was in deeper water!

Thank you for such an innovative product,

Capt. Randy Cawlfield
Kingfisher Flyfishing Co.


Here is one of my numerous Curlew stories, and one of the many reasons I love my Curlew!
Our fishing club, Texas Salt Grass Fly Fishers has access to a cabin on Matagorda Island.  Our cabin is on a small shallow inlet bay along with a half dozen other cabins.  One weekend recently I took my wife and another couple to the cabin for the weekend.  The Curlew is a real workhorse.  We really loaded it down with all the gear, ice, extra cans of gas, food, etc.  Then we added two new kayaks on the deck along with four adults.  We really got attention from the onlookers when we pulled out of port.  The 90 Yamaha did it's job taking us across the bay and we made it easily over the barrier sand bar that protects the inlet.  That sand bar makes it necessary for all who live in this cove to have tunnel hulls and jack plates.  In fact, it seems that most of the top local manufacturers in Texas are represented between my group of neighbors.


We had a delightful time until Sunday afternoon when the combination of strong North West winds coupled with a severe falling tide took the water down to a level that is rarely seen.  Boat after boat tried to make it across the marked cut in the barrier sand bar, each time a group of guys had to help pull the boats back to the dock.
We were concerned mainly because my guest had to get back to Victoria for work on Monday.  We loaded everything back on the boat.  Tied it down and pushed away from the dock.  Most of our neighbors were on their decks, beer in hand, and expecting to be needed shortly.  I advised my crew to get a strong hold on the aluminum rails attached to the console and hold on for dear life.  I started the motor, went full throttle, and the Curlew jumped up and headed full speed toward the cut.  There was no slowing down or turning back.  Total commitment!  We starting rubbing the sand about 40 feel short of the cut.  You could begin hearing the engine whine as the cavitation of the prop was taking its toll on performance.  Our speed was falling along with our hopes of a successful crossing.  We were however still moving forward ever closer to the goal line.  Just as it seemed impossible, our speed all but gone, we plowed into the cut.  Instantly the prop caught hold and we made it to deeper water.  We never looked back!
The next day I got a call from my friend Emmitt, the owner of the cabin.  He had heard from one of the men that had watched us make the crossing.  It seems he had called to find out what boat I had used.  We were the only ones to make it out until the next day when the water returned.
I LOVE THIS BOAT!!  Now three of us in the club run Curlews.  Thank you Mr. Clancey.
Wade Getz


Tim and NewWater Boat Team, This is the time of year when I can’t help but count my many blessings. Fishing is one my real passions as you know….But you may not realize how my Ibis has impacted my ability to pursue this passion.The Ibis that you and your staff built for me has given me back the joy of being independent on the water even though I don’t get around the deck quite as easily as in my younger years.


The design of my Ibis is flawless and absolutely a statement of quality and attention to minute
detail. I especially want to thank you for your excellent service and response to my every question and
request. I have never encountered any “boat dealer” or “boat manufacturer" that even comes
close to your organizations commitment to timely and quality service.
Wishing you Leslie and Barbara as well as your entire staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year!

God Bless,
Denny Hallmark
P.S. This is one of the “Big Girls” taken from my Ibis.

Dear Tim and Leslie:
I'm writing to give you some feedback on my new Ibis.  Over the last 21 years I've owned a Cajun, two Mowdy's and this is my THIRD NewWater boat.  When I didn't think you could build a better Ibis than my last one I love my new Ibis even better with the elevated helm.  I can't believe how much better I can see.
I also appreciate the tip you gave me on how to adjust the boat when crossing Aransas Bay on a rough day.  I don't think there are many conditions I couldn't find a way to fish in this boat. 
I recently launched from Little Bay in Rockport and traveled all the way around the North Jetty at Port Aransas and down the shoreline to Cedar Bayou and back.  I can't imagine another boat I could take in the back lakes on San Jose Island as well as around the North Jetty at Port Aransas and out in the Gulf.
You build an exceptional boat and I only hope when I get to Heaven there's an Ibis waiting for me!
Thank you,
Rod Keller
Rockport, TX

Dear Tim and Leslie:


We now have 40 hours on our new Ibis.  As you know we fish 75 - 100 days a year out of Port O'Connor and were looking for the perfect boat.  Our Ibis is in fact the perfect wade/drift fishing boat for the Texas coast.  I have fished the Texas coast for over 50 years and can say unequivocally that the craftsmanship that went into the production of this boat is unparalleled.  Every detail/screw/fitting has been expertly attended to.  Do not hesitate to point prospective purchasers with any questions that they may have to louisbratton@brattonfirm.com.
Yours truly,
R. Louis Bratton


Bobby M Stilt pic
Here's a photo of my sons landing a nice redfish while poling my brand new Stilt in very shallow water. Tim, you know how wild I am about your boats and this beautiful Skiff didn't disappoint. The boys and I have a name for my new Stilt. We call her "The Stealth." Every photo will have one thing in common — "no other boats around."

Thanks to you and everyone at NewWater BoatWorks for my work of art.

Bobby McConal

When you become interested in a Stilt and Tim or Leslie suggest you contact Chuck Naiser to 'hunt for some reds' - Just Do It!!! 

Chuck is not only a legend in his own time on the waters he has prowled for 30+ years and knows the spots where the reds are waiting - he takes you to the spots in a Stilt. He is equally regarded the pro handling this stealthy beast of a skinny water ride that as he says 'goes where the water was'. Impressive beyond words. You got to make the trip for 2 reasons. First, your interest in getting familiar with how a Stilt handles and its capabilities. And secondly Chuck is a plethora of Intel about fishing, for reds and casting the fly to improve your enjoyment. So, if you don't already know everything, allow someone with way more experience than most share a wealth of information and enjoy the experience. Moreover in a Stilt.
When back at the dock you should be more excited than ever about the boat you are so anxiously awaiting delivery. If you haven't made all your choices about features for your Stilt, Chuck will have provided a basis for your desires.  He can speak to the reasons why or why not and offer contra thoughts for your consideration as you ponder how to spec your new Stilt. 
Personally I went to Tim already knowing I wanted a Stilt but did not know all the reasons why. I asked him to enlighten me. He was gracious with his time and right up front told me how long the wait for delivery would be. While I have tried every angle I know to prod things along - I get closer to deliver by the day. To help me make some choices I took the advice of the Clancey's and called Chuck. He said let's go. We went and I am simply overwhelmed. 

If you get where I am and don't know it all, already - let someone with knowledge and experience treat you to the capabilities and the impeccable style and attention to detail the Clancey's have perfected in their product called the Stilt.

I am happy to be getting closer to my delivery in a few weeks. This suggestion and experience was a win, win, win.
That doesn't happen every day...

Thanks guys for a pleasure filled day!

Another Satisfied Customer

Munroe Ibis testimonial

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to share with you how much I'm enjoying my Ibis.

Dallas Munroe


Griffith 1

I thought you would enjoy these pictures from our trip to Mansfield this past weekend. There is nothing like running two Curlews side by side on a mirror, in skinny water. By the way, we caught roughly 80 Redfish in 2 1/2 days on our fly rods. It was the trip of a life time.

I hope you are doing well and thanks for building such a great boat.

Geoff Griffith


My Stilt is as responsive as my 2004 40th "Jahre" Anniversary 911! I love it!

Hector Lopez

Tim, Leslie and Barbara,
This time last year we were very busy with a few big projects and kids activities.  I was concerned the Curlew would sit in the boat lift, so we considered selling it.  After bringing it home, my family insisted we keep it and "make time" to use it.  We did and now I fish every Wednesday with my 11 year old son.  Thanks for a beautiful, great boat and helping our family reconnect with each other on the water.
Hope all is well at NewWater.
Thanks again for a great boat!!.


Your friend, Brian Rich

P.S. Behind the mask is a future NewWater customer.


My NewWater Curlew has caused quite a stir here in Savannah, Georgia! The Naturalist here and I went out, really just to give me some pointers so I don't run aground at low tide (9 ft tides here) and when he saw how little water it needed he said you can't run this boat aground. Also, when he saw how well Lamivent worked he was astounded. 

I am sure you will sell some boats in this market!!!

Michael Hedger


I just cannot help but tell you of our adventures on Fourth of July. Eric and I took my Stilt for quite a distance off the beach into half-foot seas in search of Tarpon. The boat handled the job like it wasn't even there. With the addition of the forward-mounted Yeti ice chest and the Lineminder, I had no trouble standing on the forward deck and after some searching was able to put a 50-pound Tarpon in the boat. It was the first adult Tarpon on my Stilt but I'm sure itwon't be last. Hope you and your family had a great Fourth of July.

Tony Kirk


I gotta tell you, I love this Ibis! I really liked my Curlew, and if it wasn't for Beth, I would probably still own it.  She called it the "Boy boat.”  Her comparison was a  24'  ShearWater (i.e. the "Girl boat"). This is the 6th boat I have owned, and the 3rd fishing boat. Hands down, it is my favorite boat!  I actually look forward to cleaning it!  How numbskull is that?! Performance-wise it is a "hoss”––it does everything I want a bay boat to do, and does it in style. And forgive me for the pride of ownership, but, wow! It is very cool. I try to relate it to cars since that seems like a good analogy, but I am not sure I have found the right comparison, yet. Could easily be a Lexus, BMW, Range Rover, etc., but it's almost like a cross between a Ferrari and a Range Rover, and that doesn't quite make sense!  Anyway, as a former "happy Curlew" owner, I am now a stupid-giddy-elated Ibis owner!  Beth loves the ride, and both our boys & girlfriends think this is the ultimate, so I don't think I will be selling it anytime soon. I do want to ride in a Stilt, as I think I might need to add to my flee as we become fly-fisher types. Or perhaps we will get the new one?  You guys build a great boat, and you make happy customers! I am so glad you are going to be sticking around a while longer, because we are blessed to know you!


Tad May
Curlew and Ibis owner


Just want to drop you a note and brag about my boat.  I have about 14 hours on the new Yamaha w/TRP and have come to the decision that this has to be the best boat I’ve ever owned for what I do. 

The boat seems to almost leap completely out of the water during hole shots.  With the wheel turned completely in either direction and moderate power you have to steer hard out of the turn or you will be in the second lap before you know it.  This is the first boat that I can truly say “If the boat floats it gets up”! 

Overall much more maneuverable than the three previous skinny water brands I’ve owned.  The Lamiflow Tunnel is brilliant with it’s efficient ride for the trips up and down the Arroyo and the Intercoastal.  Fewer RPMs (less fuel used) and a great solid ride.

With the boat’s good looks it’s a head turner and I definitely pull into the boat ramp with a lot of pride. 

Thanks Tim for a great design and for all your help and attention to detail.  Can’t wait to spec my new Ibis. 

Bobby McConal 

Hi Tim,

Just a short to tell you how much I am enjoying my new Stilt. What a boat! Gets up as I hoped....poles as I hoped...quieter than I thought possible...drier than my HPX ....and is just an all around fabulous skiff. Thank you for your genius and craftsmanship .  I hope this finds you feeling well.

Thanks again!  



I have been guiding so much the last two weeks. I have seen probably half a dozen clients catch their first red on a fly in that time! Yesterday I poled the same line all day long in a west side lagoon while another fly fishing guide poled a parallel line about a half mile east of me.

Cawlfield on Stilt
As best I could tell, the only reason he was that far east was because he was not in a Stilt. Every time we did a hole shot to reposition I had no trouble getting on plane and he struggled. Thanks for an amazing boat!

Capt. Randy Cawlfield

Dear Tim & Leslie and staff:
I can't say enough good things about this Ibis.  First to let other people have a little history on me; I'm originally from Corpus, and have been running boats since I was 12, I am now 65.  You name it, I've ran it.  Including an airboat for almost ten years.  I think this boat runs almost as shallow as the airboat, but its a lot safer.  I can tell you from the short time I have owned the boat, that it will run in water that big redfish cannot swim in.  I've never had as much fun running a boat.  It's a very dry boat which surprised me, even in 25 mph quartering winds.  It's also a lot smoother than other shallow water boats that I have been in.


I decided to go with the Lamivent, and that was probably the smartest thing I've done, because in Port A, you have to run in a lot of deep water to get to shallow water, and it definitely saves on fuel.  That's an incredible design.
I spent a lot of time with Tim near the end to go through all the options, including a beer holder on the trolling/platform tower.  What came out of all that was a perfect boat.  Lots of rod holders, drink holders, etc. 
Big thing I noticed from the beginning is that there is no high pressure sales to get you to spend more than you need to.  Very professional to deal with.
I have one big regret about this boat, that I did not bite the bullet years earlier.
If someone wants to visit with me on this boat, I will be more than happy to visit with you.  I can be reached by cell at (210)269-4487.
Steve Heymann



Here is a picture of my daughter Brooke in our boat. The teak wood really stands out. Just wanted to say thank you for everything, the Ibis is a dream come true. 

She really turns heads. We had on an average of 8 people per day that just wanted to come over and admire her beauty on her first outing on the water.  

Mr Clancey, my hat is off to you. You are a true Artist. 

David Padgett

The Stilt has been everything you promised and then some.  The boat gets up with ease very shallow, poles better than any other skiff I have been on, takes choppy water well

and stays dry, and has the perfect amount of storage.  I only burned 1 gallon of gas running from POC to Pringle Lake and back to boot.  I am looking forward to many fun fishing trips in my new boat.  Great job!


I thought you might enjoy these pictures from the bow of my Curlew at Port O’Connor this weekend. Talk about a good South Texas ass whipp’n, try catching a 76-inch, 126-pound tarpon at Port O’Connor on a 20-pound leader, in 95-100 degree heat and fighting him for over an hour. It was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. With its low sides, the Curlew was perfect for hauling that beasty out of the water and on to the deck.


Geoff Griffith

Tim and Leslie:
Sorry I missed you when I picked my boat up last Thursday, but I would like to thank you for the way you have treated me on repair work.  Other than the fact the trip takes a few hours, I have always appreciated your friendly professionalism and attention to detail.  Thanks again for everything.
Sam Salvo

Tim and Leslie:
You guys should really be proud of the end results of your efforts, with modifying this boat to accommodate my son.  I hope these and future photos you will receive, assist you with your future marketing efforts.  I am sure there are thousands of physically challenged individuals out there who would love to know about your abilities, and willingness to adjust in order to accommodate their specific needs.


This has already proven to be the best investment I could have ever made, in assisting Myles with becoming even more independent, than he already is.
Myles loves to fish and now he can do so at anytime, without the burden of hoping someone will be able to take him.

I will forward some actual fishing photos as we get further along.
Best of luck to you guys and the offer is always there, anytime you and you're family would like to visit Louisiana and need a place to hang out for a week or whatever.  I attached a couple of photos of the camp, so you would know what to expect.  Give us a couple week notice and we will make sure you have the place to yourselves.
Best Regards!
Kelly B. Steele, Sr.

I had not had the chance to thank you so much for everything that you and Leslie did to make my IBIS a reality.  After months of working with me to get all the particulars down, I have a truly custom boat that I could have only dreamed of.  With my many fishing adventures over this past year I can truly appreciate your overall design and quality of construction of this IBIS.  I looked, tested, chartered and talked with many friends on many different makes and models of shallow water boats.  New Water was always on top.  Without putting an IBIS or any other New Water in the bay, one cannot appreciate what this boat can do.

  I can’t say that I haven’t bottomed out or catch my limit every time, but with my amateur fishing experience was able to always get up and out with little effort and have always had a fantastic time.   I couldn’t believe how shallow of water I have been able to pole myself through.  The Laguna Madre offers many miles of fishing opportunities and the IBIS has allowed me to explore areas of the Bay I never thought were possible with this size of boat.  Thank you Tim, Leslie & Frank for all your hard work and time.
Let go fishing!
Leonel Garza III
Leonel Garza Jr. & Associates LLC
1419 Dove Avenue, McAllen, Texas. 78504



Missed you when we came through to pick up the boat. I just wanted to know the guys did a great job. The new elevated seat worked out perfectly and I could not have been happier with the work that was done. I told them they did a great job, but wanted to convey it to you. We will be doing more from time to time and I promise that I will be back.

Thanks so much.



Since '96 I've been in search of the perfect bay boat to fish the Rockport area from San Antonio Bay to Corpus Christi Bay.  I've owned a Cajun, two Mowdy's, a Curlew, and now an Ibis.  For what I like to do I can't imagine a better boat than the Ibis.  When I took possession of my Curlew in '2006 it was the best boat I'd ever owned, but I like my Ibis even better because of increased room and speed.  The live well in front of the center console not only makes it easy to access bait, but it also doubles as a great ice chest if you're out with the family or friends.  And Lamivent.....well, I still can't believe what you've been able to do with Lamivent.  The speed and low rpm's make running with Lamivent engaged so efficient and a pleasure to be a passenger. 
Tim...you and your team must be proud.  I can't tell you how happy I am with my Ibis.
Thanks again,
Rod Keller
Austin, TX

Dear Leslie and Tim:
In March of 2004 you delivered my Curlew which we tweaked several times to get my netted casting towers the way I wanted and they worked great.  I am sure they my have been the second fully netted front tower and back poling tower fully netted.  The first was my old boat which served its purpose for many years. As you remember my biggest concern was how the Curlew would track, took a little time but using my power pole and my engine it became a tracking fly fishing machine.  All new boats take awhile to learn, like a good woman, you don't learn her over night.  We named my Curlew the Numero Uno, she helped set two IGFA world records for me as well as putting Dr. Tom Dorrell and his wife Patty on her IGFA world record trout for women which is the largest spotted sea trout on fly for women.  Yes this boat has performed. Due to some health concerns, I felt I needed a larger boat so I decided to go to the larger Ibis, bigger engine, more speed, a huge catch and release box, heavy duty remote

trolling motor for tarpon and snook at the jetties, and new design on my fully netted poling and front casting baby pens (as that's kind of what they look like), plus a more comfortable boat and of course the new Lamivent TM.  You will remember it was hard to give up my Curlew, in fact, I canceled my order once, I had been so sold on my Curlew it was a hard decision, but I had sold her to Paul Trevino in McAllen and Paul's enjoying her now, in fact he keeps her in one of my lifts.  I started going out with other Ibis owners and resold myself on the Ibis, now I'm going to Ibis school otherwise fishing and spending quality time with her, she has been named STRIP ONE.
I am especially pleased with the planning and engineering of my casting pens, fully netted with thin man entry and velcro net closures.  Remote controlled high powered trolling motor, gives me a near perfect beach, ICW and jetty snook and tarpon rig.  Remote power pole has been a real blessing for years on my Curlew as well as the Ibis allowing me to swing right or left depending on wind this one item has increased my catch ratio at least 30%.  For all your future customers this is the finest drift boat in the world, all of my IGFA records have come from a shallow water drift boat, with the exception of two offshore records and all with a flyrod.  I can not give enough praise to all of you at NewWater for a job well done.
Bud Rowland
Strip One

Hi Tim and Leslie:
Just wanted to say thanks again for my new Curlew.  What a fantastic boat it is.  I've owned many boats in the past and have never had one that is crafted so well and will do everything it is designed to do.  As you know I spend much of the winter chasing redfish and snook in southwest Florida.  The winter tides for the most part are extremely low.  My new Curlew allows me to get into holes that I always new were there but could not reach with a conventional flats boat.  I have been catching 30 - 50 fish a day within a mile of home.  I have also taken the Curlew out to the passes and trolled for grouper.  It handles extremely well in rough water and has a remarkably dry ride.  Just wanted to thank you again for your fine product and personalized service.
Mike Henry

As we spoke I wanted to let you know how I feel about your customer service.  I love a businessman that under promises, and over-delivers, and you did just that.
I expected about a 30 day turnaround to replace a poor quality poling platform I had bought elsewhere,  trying to poor boy my way around, with the high quality you installed. I wasn't really prepared for your call about 10 days into the job.
Thanks for the extremely professional, friendly customer service I received from you personally, as well as each person I spoke to during this little project.
Good luck with your business.
Rick Young
Executive Vice President
Frost National Bank
P.O. Box 1600
San Antonio, TX 78296

Tim, my initial experience on the Stilt confirmed my highest expectations. On the way to the bay, we engaged the Lamivent, and we shot from 32 mph to around 40 mph. When we reached the mouth of the Arroyo, the wind was above 20 mph, and we faced a heavy afternoon chop that was quartering into the bow. It handled the chop with the authority of a heavier boat, crossing the wave crests with its prodigious length, and keeping us dry the whole time.

When we reached the flats, I was amazed by its shallow running performance. We crossed extremely shallow water on plane, and when we shut down, I was able to pole through shallower water than I've ever fished from a skiff. It was entirely quiet, as well, in the heavy crosswind––a true test of a skiff's stealthiness. Poling the Stilt was a dream come true. I could turn on a dime, and head crosswind without losing my track. I was even able to keep up with some fleeing fish, making it possible for my client to finally catch one of them. And then, I was wholly unprepared for the hole shot. We popped up again and again in seven- to eight-inch water with a mere half turn. After spending eight years aboard a Curlew, which set a new standard in the shallow water industry––and possesses peerless qualities that are unique to that design––I can honestly say that her little sister opens up significant new dimensions in shallow water performance, as well. The Stilt is the closest thing to perfection in a poling skiff that I have ever experienced. I am truly fortunate to have one, because it will take my guiding and my angling to a new level.

Capt. Scott Sparrow, Arroyo City, Texas

Fly fishing is my passion and I elected to buy the 21' 8" Ibis since it weighed only 1000 pounds not counting motor and accessories.  My goal was to have a boat that had a draft of 7 inches with 2 persons fishing, one poling and the other casting. 

Tim worked with me to accomplish this.  The draft unloaded is 5 inches.  It floats perfectly level in the water with a 115 Tohatsu, trolling motor, power pole and front and rear towers.  I live at Port Mansfield and fish about 2 times a week year round.  I chose the small console and ice chests for seats. Maximum speed is 34 mph and fuel usage is 5.5 mpg fishing.  Poling is remarkably easy and the boat tracks straight.  I can get up with comparative ease in 12" of water.  The rod tubes in the forward storage compartment really allow me to carry a number of rods rigged and the compartment can be locked.  This is an exceedingly light boat for its size rigged as described.  And when I go out around the jetties or in the gulf, I will have a slightly larger boat and be more comfortable than in the Shallowrunner that I previously owned.  This was the first boat that Tim installed a 115 hp engine on.  A 130 Etec would be another good choice.  I cannot be more pleased with the quality and personal service offered by NewWater Boats.

Spencer Gaille

Tim and Leslie,

I came by my boat addiction from my father. From birth, over 70 years ago, there has always been a boat at our house. All were fishing boats of one sort or another. In my earliest memory we had cypress john - boats with bait wells in their center. Then came some of the earliest Hilton's, Asbury's, McWirter's, and Holme's. These were wooden bay boats. We even had a hopped up Yellow Jacket that we fished offshore for kings. It was 14' long.

Later we had some of the first Mako's and Shallow Sport's then evolved over to the Florida style flats boats. I have had two Mavericks, and Action Craft and a Mako flats. I was/am so obsessed with inshore boats that I go almost every year to the Miami boat show. I know or have met many of the Florida boating and fishing icons.

The point I want to make is that I know our type of boats as well as most. I have got to say that in all these years I have never seen a boat so well designed and thought out. I have never seen a boat that is as functional for my kind of fishing as my Curlew. I have never seen a boat where the "fit and finish" is so impeccable. I have never seen a dealer/manufacture so competent, so professional, so motivated and so well equipped to deliver the ultimate flats boat.................Tim you have done good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Cravery
Woodlands, Texas


Thank you for the privilege of getting onboard your NewWater Guides list. I was anxious to get on the water with my new Curlew and try out your new Lamivent system. Let me sum it up in two words...."AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE!"

I can honestly say the boat gains at least another 10 -12 mph. I guarantee I was cruising down the Arroyo at a speed near 40 mph. I really couldn't grasp the concept of this new system until I tried it out and I am sure glad I bit the bullet to get it.

The Curlew is EVERYTHING I expected and more. As a fishing guide in the Lower Laguna Madre, I've been looking for a boat that would run skinny water and also get up in it as well. Many boats claim to run skinny, but shy away from hole shot performance. The Curlew does both beautifully. On my first trip out, the clients I took were shocked at how skinny I was running and even more so when I took off from 10" of water without having to do donuts. All I needed to get up was about a 1/3 of a circle and on she went.

I know I'm going to enjoy guiding my clients on this beauty. If anyone has any reservations about diving into any of the NewWater boats, don't have them. Tim and his crew have masterfully designed these boats to last for years after most boats are falling apart. Stainless steel is everywhere on it giving you the security there will be no rusting issues. A detail to excellence is a good way to describe Tim's workmanship. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again Tim!!!

Capt. Roel Villanueva
La Mosca Charters - www.Tailingreds.com
Kingfisher Inn and Guide Services - www.lagunamadre.net

Hi Leslie, Tim, and gang,

Having lots of pleasure with my Curlew. The saying "A man is happiest the day he buys a boat and on the day he sells it" does not apply to owners of Curlews. This is a fun boat to handle all the time. Like others, I too experience being able to go in very shallow areas, yet feel comfortable and safe while getting to the fishing spots. I had an unusual experience that speaks highly for the boat.

Through bad judgment on my part, I went aground on an oyster reef. I actually stepped from the boat onto oyster shells. Luckily a couple of fishermen came to the reef to fish. I called them over. When they got to me, one said, "You are high and dry and there is nothing we can do." I said, "I would greatly appreciate if you would try. Two of us can push from the back and one pull at the bow." After about 5 feet we got into a couple of inches of water, which made pushing a lot easier. Another 20 feet got the boat in a few more inches whereby she floated. One fellow said, "Boy, that is a really shallow draft boat." I poled to deeper water, started the engine, profusely thanked the two men, went to the middle of the channel and off I went. Made it back to the boat ramp. Surprisingly there was very little damage. Of course the underside was scratched and gouged in places but the transom was intact and the motor was not damaged. Even the prop was not bent or chipped. Any other boat, I would still be at the reef.

Leora always said she would not ride on a boat with no sides. The width and stableness of the Curlew has now changed her mind. She much prefers riding on the Curlew compared to other boats with no sides. No sides make the ride fun and the boat a great fishing platform.

Drew Ligda
Rockport, Texas

    After my first season in the Curlew, the biggest surprise I have experienced has been the open water performance of the boat. I basically knew what she would do in shallow water as a result of spending several satisfying years in the Avocet. Since 1967, I have spent way too many hours running on, and sometimes under, the water of Aransas and her related bays. At some time, even fun endeavors become work. The Curlew has put the fun back into boating for me. The boat is the driest boat that I have had since my low profile Boston Whaler (1977). I am totally comfortable crossing the middle of the bay as well as the protected waters. I just can't imagine a more seaworthy vessel and since carrying passengers is a major responsibility for me, I would rather be in this boat on a rough day than in one of the Florida canoes. I guess that sooner or later, I'll come up with some suggestion for my new Curlew, but for now I'd say, "just like the other one."

Chuck Naiser

Dear Tim and Pro-Line Custom:

Thanks for the mini line minder for my new skiff. It looks great. Ten years ago you a made a poling platform for my 16 foot Kenner. Today it looks and works as good as it did when you installed it. So when I needed a new platform for the micro skiff I didn't look anywhere else but Pro-Line. There are a lot of fabricators out there now but you have proven to me that you are the best. Thanks for being so dedicated to quality and customer support.

Laurence R. Kirk
Austin, Texas

Tim and Leslie,

Fishing extremely shallow water presents the most demanding set of challenges to a boat manufacturer that one can imagine. Of course, the ideal is...A boat that can run and float in mere inches of water and position you on fish that are un-reachable in deeper-draft style boats,yet be comfortable enough to take rough baywaters in stride allowing you and your anglers to reach your destinatio

n refreshed and ready to fish...A boat that is built to the highest standards, with state-of-the-art technology that will give you years of trouble free service so that you may provide the same for your clientele... A boat that provides a stable platform during harsh weather conditions that will allow your customers to focus on the fishing instead of keeping their balance...A boat that takes into consideration the unique balance between providing below deck areas for stowing gear and having maximum unimpaired space on deck for casting and moving about freely.

My hat is off to Tim and Leslie and their entire crew at NewWater for providing me with a skiff that performs all of these tasks with ease and gives me the utmost confidence that I have purchased the finest tool available for my chosen profession. I don?t know how one could ask for more.

Capt. Rick Bouley
Steinhatchee, Florida

Dear NewWater Boatworks Crew:

Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done! I took it home right up IH 35 in rush hour it hauls nicely and the LEDs stood out thanks Tim for insisting on the switch. I took her out Saturday to Lake Dunlap and worked on the break-in recommended for Yamaha; I am impressed with the boat and look forward to the coast. I think next weekend I will take it to Canyon Lake for more break in time. The cover fits great and is easy to install alone as is the boat to launch and retrieve. I have attached a few photos but will send better ones in the future.

I want to thank everyone involved in making my dream a reality, the attention to detail is fantastic. I had it in the drive way and had five people stop to look at it Saturday moring as I was preparing for her maiden voyage. A guy down the street with a Gulf Coast was in awe at the craftsmanship and details, most commented on the hull design and deck, one comment was don't you feel funny on a flat deck? I said no, I was on CV 42 the Roosevelt and it had a flat deck, did not bother me then. As he turned he asked what is a CV, oh that would be an aircraft carrier, they have flat decks too. Many thanks and look forward to fishing with you in August at the owners tournament.

Warm Regards,
Frank A. Panebianco

Dear Tim, Leslie, and the rest of the NewWater Family,

I am happy to report your wonderful creation has finally made it to her new home in the Florida Keys. Having spent over 6 months using the boat throughout Florida, I now know you "under promise and over deliver". The attention to detail, performance of the boat and the ease and pleasure it brings to fishing exceeded every expectation I had.

I have been in 3' chop, run in 6" of water, fished 4 people and quietly poled to tailing reds. She catches fish and the attention of everyone on the water, at the gas station, and on highway.

Running the boat is a satisfying conclusion to the special experience I had working with true professionals and craftsmen. The best things in life are worth the wait. Your Ibis is no exception. We need a few more in Florida and then make plans for an annual state tournament.

Thank you again.
Jim Congelio


Since bringing the "Line Minder" on board my flats skiff in March, fly line management problems have been solved. Every angler that has used it, both experienced and inexperienced, love it and their ability to get the fly to fish has improved dramatically because they are not having to mess with the fly line. By the way we have been fishing in "some wind" this spring and the "Line Minder" has performed incredibly well.

Capt. Billy Trimble


I just read your article in the March/April 2006 issue by Larry Bozka, about Texas made flats boats. He failed to mention in the article, or even in the credits, probably the best, skinniest running flats boat made in Texas. NewWater Boatworks of San Antonio, by far, has the best boat for the conditions that Mr. Bozka was trying to talk about. The NewWater Curlew is used by some of the best skinny water flyfishing and light tackle guides in Texas. The likes of who are, Captains Bud Rowland, (holder of many IGFA records) Chuck Naiser, (pioneer Texas flyfishing guide), Ray Box (owner of hull #1, and also Gruene Outfitters) and Kathy and Scott Sparrow (owners of the Kingfisher Inn). The Curlew is by far the best boat made in Texas for skinny water conditions. It also does very well on the open water. I was with Chuck Nasier on his Curlew one day last Spring. We were north of the Bass Headquarters quite a distance, fishing some of the back lakes of San Jose Island. When we started back to Port Aransas, where Chuck had picked me up, the wind was howling in our face. There was a lot of chop on the water and we stayed virtually completely dry. I told Chuck when we got back that I could not believe that we stayed so dry in all that wind, and rough water, on our trip back down the Lydia Ann Channel. Chuck said that the Curlew is the driest boat he has ever had, and he said he has tried them all. You should give Tim Clancey a call at NewWater Boatworks in San Antonio, if not for anything, but to apologize. His boats would be worthy of a seperate article. If you are ever in Port Aransas I would be happy to take you for a ride.

Rocky Reagan III
Port Aransas, Texas

Tim, Leslie, and the "NewWater Family,"

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU! My new "Ibis" has exceeded all expectation! From the day we met till now, your service(s), and attention to detail(s) are a model for all to follow.

Let me share with you just some of the reasons why I am so pleased...

1) To fish, I must cross Aransas Bay to find shallow water. No longer a problem!
2) Staying dry while crossing the bay. No longer a problem!
3) My favorite fishing are

as are all shallow. No longer a problem!
4) On occasion, we might enjoy a canal ride with friends or kids. No longer a problem!
5) Where do I store the rods? Do I have enough dry storage? No longer a problem!
6) More cooler space, a catch and release well. No longer a problem!
7) Ride and handling. No longer a problem!

In closing, the safety features, the professional craftsmanship, and the user friendly concepts that you have designed/incorporated into the Ibis will always be appreciated. I am proud to own such a quality boat.

Duane Scheumack
Rockport, Texas

Hello Tim and Leslie,

On Christmas Eve, 2003 (one year ago tomorrow) I called you Tim, to order my Curlew. I thought today would be an appropriate time for me to send you a note to thank you...not just for making such an incredible boat for me, but also for your part in making this one of the most memorable years of my life.
I took delivery of the boat in July - probably earlier than you had intended - but perfect timing for me. As you know, I took the summer off and I had the opportunity to spend several weeks fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre throughout the rest of the summer. With considerable help from Dale Fridy, I learned a lot about fishing this wonderful fishery, and I also learned a lot about the extraordinary capabilities of the Curlew.
As advertised, this boat will take you places that you'd dare not go with other boats. It floats, get ups, and poles in very, very skinny water. And it is by far the most comfortable flats boat I've ever fished out of or owned.
One thing that is not advertised is the incredible reaction that people have to the Curlew upon seeing it. Every time I trailer the boat, someone stops me to ask about it, or comment about it's beautiful lines.
Some examples:
-Construction workers in my neighborhood waved me down to ask me about the boat.
-A police officer in Port Isabel drove by saw me fiddling with the boat late at night, drove around the block, pulled over, asked me if I was the owner. I replied "yes". He then spent 30 minutes talking with me about the boat, and told me he was preparing to order one...
-A gentleman pulled up while I had the boat pulled into a filling station in Port Isabel at 6:00 am in the morning. We talked for quite a while about the boat...he said he also had one on order. The next day I was filling up at 6:00 am again - he was back with a buddy - just to look at the boat again.
-After a morning of fishing out of South Padre Island, I was trailering the boat back to the hotel. As I drove through town, I saw a car in my rearview mirror with a guy waving at me to pull over. Thinking there was something wrong with my rig, I pulled over. The guy told me he had been following me for 15 minutes, and wanted to ask me about the boat...I gave hime your number and web address.
This kind of thing happens literally everytime I have the boat on the road - not to mention people driving right next to me on the highway for miles just to look at the boat. It's like having a supermodel on a trailer! Heads turn, people wave, oohs and aahhs. Needless to say, this rock-star treatment makes the non-fishing time with the boat really fun for me(my wife finds it disturbing - but no matter...)
Obviously, the most important thing about the Curlew is that it catches fish. I had the opportunity to fish a lot last summer with my 8 year old son, Clayton. I poled him around the flats for many days, and he cast to and caught several tailing redfish on artificials - the largest being 25 inches. Clayton and I both very much appreciate how special these experiences were...and the recounting of these times continue today.
Merry Christmas to you and Leslie. You make great boats, you are wonderful people, and it has been a truly great experience being a customer of NewWater Boatworks. If ever you have a prospective buyer that would like to talk about the Curlew, send 'em my way.

Jon Neiss


We can't brag enough about the Curlew! Every trip it just impresses us more. I have fished Shallow Sports, Majeks, Carolina Skiffs, H2Os - none compare. Port O'Connor has become an even bigger playground now! The Curlew gets us into spots we used to just look at and say "I bet there are fish in that pocket"- now we pole on in and are able to run on out. (By the way - you are right, she likes to get up to the left).

There is no doubt you have built the best shallow water boat on the water. However, it doesn't stop there - the clean lines and detailed craftsmanship of the boat turns heads all over the water. I had 4 people plus myself on the boat to Sunday Beach; of course I was cutting every corner in back bays; but you should have seen the look on these two guys in a Majek as they tried to idle out (throwing mud) of the skinny water an we cruised on by. Later that day while having a burger at Josie's I overheard two guys at a table talking about this boat that was making drifts in the Laguna up to the bank and just take off - a guy at the next table turned and said yeah - "it is that Curlew in town - those boys from the Mechanical Man".

Anyway - we love the boat, but keep them pointed out of POC - we like being at the top of the food chain!

John & Ben
Port O'Connor, Texas

Dear Tim,

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for building the ideal super shallow water flats boat. I spent the Holidays with my family down at Port Mansfield doing what I enjoy most, fly fishing the Lower Laguna Madre. My new Curlew performed flawlessly even in ankle deep low tide venues. It is great to be able to return to fishing areas I previously accessed only by airboat. The Curlew has eliminated the work and effort of super shallow water fishing so important to coastal fly fishing. Several days we faced very high winds with small craft warning flags up. I was particularly impressed at the Curlews performance in these rough bay conditions. The negative trim feature forced the hull through waves almost like they were not there with a totally dry ride. After 24 years of shallow water bay fishing in a variety of boats, your Curlew design is as close to the perfect fishing boat for the Laguna Madre as I have found. Thanks for your attention to detail and superb craftsmanship and congratulations on designing the finest fishing machine on the Texas coast.

Dr. Zack Taylor


As you know, Kathy and I purchased our Curlew sight unseen, based on your reputation as an artist and master boat designer. When it arrived, we could see that is was the most beautiful fly fishing skiff ever created, but would it handle the punishing flats of the Lower Laguna? That's what I had to find out.

Two days later, I was guiding a man from Deleware. I'd poled into a lagoon that became progressively shallower as we floated downwind. At any moment. I was sure we'd hear the sound of the hull against the sand, so I jumped down, and stepped out of the boat to turn it around. I said, "I'm going to have to push us back to deeper water. But since it's so far, I'm going to try to get up, even though it would be a miracle in this water." I looked down and saw that the water was well below the edge of my bootie, which was only nine inches high. And the bottom was rock hard.

Turning the steering wheel all the way to the right, I gunned the Yamaha 90. At first the Curlew barely moved, but within half a turn, she jumped up and was heading back upwind. I was ecstatic, and screamed, "I can't believe it!" Later my client voiced what I've heard so many other experienced shallow water anglers say: "I didn't know there was a boat that could do that."
On another occation, I was guiding a well-know fly fishing author. We were poling into a bay known for it gradual decreasing depth. I wasn't monitoring the depth as carefully as I should have, because I was watching three fishermen up ahead. Two of them had gotten out of the boat, and third stayed with the boat and pushed it behind them. Still in denial about what I was seeing, I told my client that the guys were obviously onto fish, and had gotten out of the boat to pursue them. I kept poling, hoping that we could get into the same fish. Then the Curlew came to a halt. I looked down and realized why the other guys were wading: it had gotten progressively shallower. I was pretty sure we couldn't get the boat up on plane. I got out of the Curlew and, with effort, pushed it over exposed turtle grass, until we came to a small grass-free area where I hoped we'd have a chance at getting up on plane. I jumped onto the boat, turned the wheel to the left, and gunned it. Again, the Curlew spun and lifted, and we were on our way to safety. My client, who has fished around the world, yelled, "Incredible!" I couldn't believe it either.

In the world of shallow water boat makers -- where there are plenty of boasting emperors barely clad -- the Curlew quietly reigns supreme.

Capt. Scott Sparrow
Arroyo City, Texas


It's hard to believe that 15 years have transpired since my first order was placed with you. In that time you have routinely produced fine quality boat components and accessories for both my business and personal use. Now that I have operated the Curlew for 18 months, I feel that congratulations are long overdue for you and your staff at NewWater and Pro-line. The long hours spent designing and tooling each part of this boat were well worthwhile and it is evident to anyone who has looked closely, or been fortunate enough to fish from one. My customers and friends are always quick to compliment this craft and are amazed at the versatility of the Curlew.

You should be proud of your accomplishments as a boat builder. Good things come slow, so your patience and attention to detail will be a plus in the long run. Thanks again for steering me to the finest flats boat available anywhere!

Capt. Ray Box
Arroyo City Lodge
Gruene Outfitters
New Braunfels, Texas


After owning a 15 ft. scooter for 10 years, I was searching for a larger, more stable boat that would offer the same performance in shallow water as a scooter, without all of the negatives of a flat-bottomed boat. The Curlew exceeded all of my expectations. It is fast, dry, stable and runs and poles in water just as shallow as my old scooter. The quality of the finish is outstanding, and the under deck rod/gear storage area is a great feature.

Chris Brandt


We have been meaning to write to you to tell you how much we love our Avocet. It has met or exceeded all of our expectations. Each time we load or unload the boat at a boatramp, we have so many people come up to ask about it. We were just in Pine Island fishing and a fellow from Texas was there who had one of your boats. Both of us were bragging about how pleased we are with it's performance.

Thanks for all your attention to detail and to putting up with all of our questions and all while we were making our decision. We could not be happier.

Keifer and Sande Calkins
Gainesville, Florida


As the service manager for a San Antonio boat dealership, I have been around coastal fishing boat for 30 years. I have owned four different shallow draft boats ranging from 16 to 24 feet. After purchasing my 18' Curlew in September, I have been using it every chance I get and am amazed at the shallow water performance. The hole shot is unlike any that I have seen, and it is hard to believe how the boat can stay on plane at such slow speeds. Poling my Curlew in shallow water is almost effortless. The fishing room on this boat is equivalent to a 22' boat that I once owned. Indeed, the layout of the deck was well thought out. In all my years in the boating industry, I have never seen a boat that is as versatile as the Curlew.

A job well done!

Mark Singleton
San Antonio, TX


I can't thank you enough for designing and building this boat. Thursday at Aransas, it was terribly windy -- 30 mph. It was a great time to test the Curlew, and it was a totally dry run! It spins up like a scooter with two people on the left -- a hard left turn on the wheel and unwinding the steering when she bites. A hole shot in six to seven inches was easy on a soft bottom. We ran the inside of the white sand between shamrock and "e" flats and I swear it wasn't over 2 1/2" for at least 1/4 mile or more, and we didn't stick it. We had good water pressure even though we had dry ground behind the boat! Fish were gone from our early am spots, but they really piled onto the outside edge of "e" flats starting 1 PM Thursday w/sun peeking thru occasionally and low incoming tide. Friend Rick had line management problems, so he eventually went to a gold spoon, and caught fish.Tim, this is the finest boat I've ever seen, and I'm slowly learning more about just how great she is as I go along. It's no Ferarri -- hell it's a Lamborghini. Also, I enjoyed your company on the water immensely, and will share my boat with you anytime, and would love to pole you around up north.

Charlie Moore


The new Curlew is awesome and a fish catching machine. Going to the ramp, she turns heads like a supermodel. Having run my HPX, I did not know what I was missing but the Curlew is in a class all by itself. Best decision I ever made. I am looking for a fault or something you did not think of but so far -- nada. The ability to stay on plane at such low rpm, and its skinny running is unsurpassed. And the hole shot! She is a shallow water engineering marvel. Look me up when your ready to fish.

Tom, Patty, and Clint Dorrell
Port Aransas, TX

Dear Tim and Leslie,

After much deliberation and consideration, we purchased a Curlew in June '02, and I must say that we are very pleased with the boat. We live in the Texas Hill Country and fish the middle Texas Gulf Coast. I like to fly fish and throw artificials. I'd been looking for a boat that would perform well in the shallow water, accommodate at least 3 fishermen, and be light enough to tow from Boerne to the coast with my 1/2 ton truck. This boat does all that, and does it well.

The open design of the deck maximizes fishing space, and promotes an organized boat. The storage below the deck protects your rods in transport and allows you to vary your arsenal without cluttering the boat.

But to me, besides the boat's function and performance, it's most striking feature is its appearance. What a pretty and unique boat! It draws comments and complements on every trip.

Thanks to Tim Clancey and the good people at NewWater Boatworks for the design and construction of the Curlew.

Dennis Yanowski
Boerne, TX


Well it has been 5 seasons now since I have purchased my Avocet. Still I cannot believe how impressed I am with this boat. Having been a boat captain and traveled the world on some of the most impressive large and small fishing boats, the impeccable detail, construction and performance put this boat in top of the class.

I have routinely taken this boat in the back lakes and in the tightest of channels with 4 people and all there gear with no problem. Other flats boats have problems getting to the water we travel as they cannot either handle the weight load or make the difficult turns while staying on the plane or the so called "wipe out".

We just fished an all lure tournament in Rockport and we were the only boat that was able to bring all of our fish in alive. The release well you created works awesome keeping six redfish live all day. This is invaluable to me and great for the redfish as they were able to be released after weigh in.

Although I only am able to fish on the boat about 100 hours a year now, it sill looks brand new. All the maintenance I perform, is to wash it, do a light chamois dry, and give it a coat of wax every year. People stop me all the time to gawk over the boat and ask where it is built. They cannot believe that it is five years old and also built in San Antonio (they all think it comes from Florida somewhere).

The best compliment came a year or so back. One of the best guides for redfish (who drives a fancy customized airboat) caught me in one of the back lakes. He asked me how I was able to get where I was and I responded the same way he came in. After we were done fishing, he followed me back out with even less water than there was initially. He stopped me back at the ramp later and had total praises for the way it rode out of pretty much no water in the channel and also that it was the skinniest running thing he had ever seen with an outboard. That was a huge compliment to both me as well as to you the creator! Thanks again and look forward to seeing you soon.

Capt. Jorge More
Rockport, TX.


I have had my Avocet for about a year now and I just wanted to update you on my excursions. I have fished much of the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River Lagoon systems in East Central Florida. Overall the boat is absolutely amazing. Except for the ride in heavy surf and seas, the boat will out perform my old Hewes hands down. I have now upgraded to a Mercury 150 hp with a 5 bladed prop. This seems to be the real ticket for me. Maximum speed is around 42 mph and with the 5-bladed prop, I can raise the motor well into the tunnel and plane across some very skinny water.

Recently I was fishing there west coast of Florida around the Charlotte Harbor area. The Flats there are really interesting because in order to get to the fishable areas along the Mangroves, you have to skim across some really shallow sand bars. At first I was a bit timid about how skinny I could go, but I finally figured out that with the correct combination of speed, trim and motor elevation, I could get across these areas with ease and without churning up the seagrass beds on the other side of the sand bars.

This boat has really changed my way of fishing. Although it is rather bulky to pole into the wind (and what boat isn't), its ability to be poled quietly is really amazing. On several occasions, I have poled into an area of feeding redfish without spooking them off. I think that says something for the stealth of this boat. Often, I pole into an area of feeding fish, and then anchor off to begin wading. The molded in steps on the stern make for a quiet entry even with my 215 pound frame.

John Hardeman
Orlando, Florida

Dear Tim and Leslie,

It has been a little over two years since I took delivery of my Ibis. During this time, I have had the opportunity to take it out in almost every kind of weather condition shy of a tropical storm. This boat is absolutely amazing, I feel extremely confident taking it across Aransas Bay in most any adverse condition.

As for skinny water performance, again truly amazing. I have been fishing the Rockport area for more than 50 years, and this boat has taken me to places I have never fished before. My fishing grounds have increased immensely.

Your craftsmanship and detail are impeccable. People are always stopping me to ask questions about the Ibis, and are always impressed with the quality of the construction. The "Boat Gods" are definitely smiling down on you two. The Ibis is without question, the finest shallow water boat out there.

Thank you both for building this boat for me, and giving me the chance to have so much fun.

Capt. Scott Wehrung
Rockport, TX

Thank you Tim,

I took her 1 mile offshore on Sunday and was wildly impressed with how the hull handled the chop and high water (seas were choppy and 1 - 2 feet). As long as I didn't lean on it too hard, we stayed dry and comfortable. My buddy's comment was that he thought it was the best riding 18 foot flats boat he had ever been on.

Also, you'll love this; I was winding through some tidal creeks near Port O'Connor the same day and came to a dead end in very shallow water. I spun the boat (like you showed me) and came back around to find that another man in a Carolina Skiff was following me, undoubtedly thinking that I knew where I was going. However when he tried to turn at the dead end, he found that the water was too shallow, stuck his boat and last thing I saw he was trying to figure out what to do next. It was along way in there and was a very soft bottom. While I hate to see anyone have trouble, I did have to laugh.

You build a great boat Sir and I am very happy.

Geoff Griffith
Houston, TX

Tim and Leslie,

Our new Ibis is the most incredible machine that I have EVER fished off of. The ease of use, the performance, the storage, everything within reach and the walk around ability is unsurpassed. This is the most awesome boat that I have ever owned or been on.

Thank you very much,
Todd Cearley