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Boaters and Wade Fishermen, Beware!  

When leaving your boat, the ANCHOR should be used.  Make sure your anchor sets with the proper scope before leaving your boat.  Automatic anchors are wonderful devices and have their place when staying aboard your boat or in protected waters or with extreme experience. 

Double poles
With automatic anchors, there are many factors to consider.  When you get off your boat, the boat rises.  Unless you reset the spud, it will rise as well.  Bottom density/sand and shell are problems.  Current, weather, water levels, boat wakes, equipment failure, etc., are also factors. I realize to many of you I am preaching to the choir.  However; all boaters may not have the experience that you do.  I have witnessed this problem first hand and it is life threatening.  Too often I hear, "Why would I need an anchor on my boat when I have a (automatic anchor)?"  Imagine engine failure at dusk with a strong wind blowing you into a channel full of barge traffic.  Heaven forbid should your boat ever go adrift, DO NOT swim for it.  Boats can drift much faster than we can swim.  Boats do not get tired or panic.

Stay safe!